Natasha Wiscombe Bio Shot

Sport: Biohacking, Digital Health & Entrepreneur Optimization
Age: 35
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Natasha Wiscombe's Favorite CBD

I’m a bit of a quantified self nerd. In tracking my biometrics I’ve noticed a marked improvement in the length of my REM and deep sleep since having Embody Green in the evenings. Nothing better than having a can after an evening wakesurf session and relaxing for the night.

embodygreen can


Natasha is a leader in integrative biohacking for entrepreneurs & digital health startups. She helps founders build systems to scale, find flow & mitigate burnout.

Founder of the Wellness Brand Accelerator, a service & consultancy supporting integrative health and biohacking practices, practitioners, products as well as digital health platforms. Natasha helps early-stage startups across strategy, content, PLG & flywheel growth.

She curates & shares actionable optimization for entrepreneurs across wellbeing, work, wealth & travel at Wellhacking & is currently filming Season 1 of The Wellness Traveler. Her current projects include Peptide Courses and a job board for the wellness economy.

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