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embodygreen CBD + CBDA recovery beverage can and 12-pack box
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  1. Great product that brought the taste and effect that I have been looking for! Now relaxation is so convenient, just have a delicious beverage and done.

  2. I was a little skeptical at what this cream could do, but decided to give it a try. I am in disbelief at how the creme can address the constant shoulder and neck pain I’ve experienced with my weekly gym routine. Highly recommended to anyone looking to relieve pain.

  3. John Sullivan

  4. I was approached by a beautiful lady to try this awesome recovery cream. In order to do so I had to first workout as though I was 20 years old. I warmed up, started lifting moderate weights, then went heavy weights and after I was tired, I went down in weight, and did it until I was completely pumped and worn out. For a 60 plus year old man, this meant I would be out of commission for at least a week or two. I was pleasantly surprised after using this product, I was a little sore the next day where I applied the cream and less the next day and not at all on the third day. The muscles that I did not use the cream on were sore for over a week. They were actually so sore I ended up using the cream on them to remove the soreness faster because those muscles were too sore. In short, this product does what it is meant to do and can aid in muscle recovery after a strenuous workout much faster than one can heal without it.
    I love the cream and the initial smell. I do recommend this product!

  5. This cream is the best for tight, sore muscles. Almost immediately after putting it on, it provides a cooling sensation and pain relief that lasts all day. If you’re a dancer or athlete where you have to push through pain, this is a lifesaver!

  6. Enjoyed the light minty fragrance.
    It was moisturizing, not greasy and blended into my skin immediately.
    10-15 minutes later, I felt relief.

  7. I love the cooling effect of this CBD cream, especially after a hot shower or sauna. It gives me immediate relief from neck and shoulder pain, while the CBD and arnica kick in over time.

  8. My new go to recovery creme. After a long day on the bike the soothing feeling from the creme does wonders for my aching muscles. Speeds up my recovery times and gets me back in action faster.

  9. This is the best CBD drink we have found and it’s so delicious over ice. It has a calming effect and I enjoy having one everyday in the evening. Since I don’t drink alcohol any longer it gives me something to look forward to while husband has cocktail. He enjoys one also in the evening to help with quality of sleep. My daughter introduced this drink to us while we were visiting them in Santa Fe NM. It’s a winner!

  10. This cream is very effective. Works great to relieve the aches and pains of aging. When I share this product with friends, they immediately fall in love with it and order their own.

  11. Flavor is on point and a great physical and mental recovery drink or if your just wanting to be kind to your body and skipping alcohol to chill out

  12. Cream works upon application for muscular aches from exercise or stiffness in neck, shoulders and back. Pain disappears immediately. Like magic! Can’t live without it.

  13. I still can’t get enough of this drink. The flavor is great, and you can smell the goodness when you open it. Weather I have it before or after a work-out, it just works. It keeps me from being too sore and keeps my arthritis at bay. I definitely recommend this drink to all with pain and I am still sharing with those I know and love.

  14. Does wonders for my back and neck. Works fast and lasts. Smells great too !

  15. DELICIOUS! I have tried other CBD drinks and they were awful… So I was skeptical, but this one has got great flavors on the front and the back. Nice and relaxing. This was a great holiday drink for the 4th. Thanks, Ethan!

  16. Tasty health drink, slept like a baby

  17. CBDA works best for muscle soreness 👍

  18. Amazing Fresh Taste!!!! My summertime habit

  19. Best drink I’ve had I believe it’s even help with my prostrate issues ..

  20. Felt great afterwards. Taste could improve.

  21. The perfect to way to end the work day and slide into the evening.

  22. This tastes wonderful ! Makes you feel energetic and less worrisome. Really enjoyed the feeling

  23. I was about to leave the store when I got offer a sample, as soon I tried I like it ( yummy) !!! After that I went straight to the register to purchase 2.

  24. Super tasty and love the feeling I get after drinking. Helps me recover from workouts

  25. Never have I had CBD this good⚡️

  26. Fantastic product! Just tried it after skiing in Tahoe for the day and it is a great apre drink

  27. Both refreshing and tasty! Drinking this CBD bev with electrolytes, herbs, and vitamins helps me feel replenished after an epic day of skiing.

  28. I’ve been drinking a can per day for 9 months because Embodygreen significantly decreases my arthritic pain, enabling me to be more active. It has improved my quality of life.

  29. Delicious and refreshing. Ive tried several brands over the years, this is one I plan to purchase again.

  30. You can really taste the freshness and the feeling it gives me is uplifting

  31. So good and fresh ❤️ makes my day more enjoyable, love it

  32. Best CBD drink on the market ! I love the taste but most of all, I love how it helps me relax and how it lessens my arthritis pain. I do add some water to it because it is a little sweet and it allows me to get more water intake. It’s great after a work out or just after work. If I’m low on energy, I can have one and have the energy I need to do what ever I need to with out the jitters or stress. It’s awesome!

  33. Had a chance to try and absolutely love the taste and functionality 👍

  34. Helps me to recover from workouts and never slept better. Highly recommend

  35. Been drinking for a week now and the benefits are real. Love this embodygreen

  36. Best drink on the market!!! CBD + CBDA from fresh plant works

  37. I’ve been in this industry for five plus years and never have I tried a CBD product this good. Taste, smell and feeling I get is incredible. Nothing else compares ⚡️

  38. Love this drink!! Helps with joint pain and never slept better 👍

  39. Love the citrus taste nice aroma

  40. I can go weeks without taking my pain pills and muscle relaxers if I have one can of this drink a day. I can actually skip 2 days before I need to take my pills or have one of these drinks. I’m not a doctor and I do not know exactly how it works but it does. It allows me to sleep through the night with out waking up in pain. It is an amazing product that works and taste great.

  41. The feeling is real and helps me sleep at night. You can taste the fresh plant 👍

  42. Great taste and just the right amount Of CBD

  43. While I enjoy doing jiu jitsu, it wears on the body and I will feel it especially in my neck after going to class. This is my go-to drink after a workout to ensure I don’t feel aches. I will avoid eating or drinking anything I don’t like the taste of even if it claims amazing health benefits and I do not dread drinking this. To be honest, I didn’t like it the first time my guy gave me a sip but found that it tastes good if it’s cold and shaken (my first sip was room temp and kind of gritty). I would recommend this drink if you live an active lifestyle.

  44. Delicious! The first sip is a tingly and delightful citrus burst which mellows out before a piquant, natural, flavorful cannabis wave finishes off the experience. I definitely will come back for more

  45. I absolutely support this drink! I was given one, I drank it after work, I work retail, it helped me relax at the end of my day.

  46. CBD + CBDA from fresh plants loaded with Terpenes is incredible!!

  47. Absolutely delicious!!!!!

  48. Tastes Fresh and gets me going and moving throughout the day.

  49. A friend gave me this CBD drink to try. To be honest I didn’t care for it at first but now I drink one everyday. My back pain is gone and I’m sleeping so good feeling great the next day 👍

  50. After yoga is the best time for me to enjoy Embodygreen CBD. Thirst quenching goodness replenish what my body needs 🥰

  51. I am 59, and often find it difficult, due to the stress of a long day, to fall asleep at night. This drink helps me relax and calm down so I can get a good night’s rest. Best when Ice Cold! Carol J.

  52. This will be my everyday after skiing beverage

  53. You can taste the Terpenes and freshness of plant. Benefits are tremendous 👍

  54. This CBD Recovery Bev is amazing⚡️

  55. Tried a lot of other CBD products and this is the only one that relieves me of my shoulder and back pain. Helps me sleep at night and tastes great

  56. Best drink ever. Love the citrus flavor and benefits are real

  57. This is the first CBD drink I have tried. Nice fizz and citrusy taste. Better when ice cold

  58. Amazing drink and the feeling is real👍

  59. Weird taste at first but it really grew on me and I ended up loving it. Felt great after awhile. Great product

  60. Gives me an energy and focus I need to get through the day. Carbonated perfectly

  61. Essential to my end of day routine as it helps me to relax, wind down and sleep

  62. Solid CBD drink 👍Love the taste⚡️

  63. This is the white claw of cbd drinks, tastes good and very refreshing. I mostly enjoy it after working out, excellent for recovery

  64. First time trying a CBD drink and will now be something I drink daily. I really enjoy the taste and the way it makes me feel

  65. Refreshing and delicious. Best CBD drink on the market

  66. embodygreen, best part of my day❤️

  67. Terrific mixer without the hangover

  68. Great taste with a kick, gets me going and keeps me moving forward

  69. My joint pain is no more. Sleeping so good and feeling amazing the next day.

  70. The feeling that I get from consuming this is undeniably euphoric. Refreshing full flavor is nothing short of outstanding ❤️

  71. Still drinking and loving the effects, all positive 👍

  72. I’m really looking forward to trying this out!!

  73. Citrus Harvest is delicious and smooth! It has a soothing carbonation that calms your stomach.

  74. My new go to for pain relief and hydration

  75. Helps me wind down and sleep throughout the night, feeling rested next morning

  76. Happy Labor Day, thank you 🙏 embodygreen. No pain

  77. Felt amazing after drinking ⚡️Great way to rehydrate

  78. Great Labor Day drink! Embodygreen and BBQ

  79. Getting old is not for whimps! This amazing drink sure eases getting old. It keeps my arthritis and aching pains at bay. The flavor and strength of this drink appears to be stronger now so I add water to it or pour it over ice. I also refill the can with water to help increase my water intake and make sure I am getting all the goodness it has to offer. I usually have this mid day but anytime of the day or night seems to work. It is great after a hard work out and totally revives me. I’m no doctor but I do know it helps me with my daily drooling grind(s). I love working out and walking at least 5 miles a day. Before this drink I would be dead tired after my daily rituals, but not anymore. It’s more like, what next. I feel like I’m in my 20s even though I’m 3 times that. For this not being a drug, it sure raises my endorphins. 🙂

  80. Best for hydration and relief from muscle and joint pain. Really works!

  81. Refreshing CBD Recovery Bev. Taste crisp, fresh and delicious, so good

  82. Taste is amazing and unique as I’ve never had anything like this before. Felt alert and energized.

  83. Like to sip over ice and helps me calm my mind and body

  84. Perfect way to end the day

  85. Love the way I feel after drinking embodygreen and sleep so good ❤️

  86. Really great CBD drink that tastes a feels so different from the others and far superior

  87. Really works and tastes great 👍

  88. Great flavor, refreshing and helps me to recover and relax, highly recommend

  89. Outstanding! Worked as advertised!

  90. Solid CBD drink 👍

  91. The best drink after yoga is embodygreen. My joints and muscles have never felt better

  92. Incredible Recovery, feel amazing next day 🏋️‍♂️

  93. So different from other CBD water drinks. This one is full flavor and effective CBD

  94. We unintentionally walked 5 miles and were dragging and very sore. Luckily, a friend gave us a can to try (thx.d). In addition to the drink being very refreshing, we were surprised how quickly the soreness was gone. We are believers!

  95. Helps me recover after working out and tastes good too

  96. After yoga I drink embodygreen to help me further relax and get the best sleep ❤️

  97. Wow, my new favorite drink. CBD+CBDA🔥

  98. Keeps me moving without pain and sleeping better

  99. I drink two a day and have never felt better in my life, recommend to anyone

  100. I like to mix with Vodka and feel great the next day 👍

  101. Tasty and refreshing, Love CBD

  102. I’ve tried a few of the CBD drinks but never felt anything and none of them ever really did anything for me. Embodygreen Recovery is different, from the moment I took the first sip and the feeling you get almost immediately after consuming. Totally worth trying for yourself

  103. Finished my morning run and tried embodygreen for the first time. It’s incredibly good 👍

  104. I really feel at home with @embodygreen ! First time I drink it , I love it!

    I feel Fresh , clean, and completely recovered from jet lag plus Covid 19 booster shot .

    It calms, relaxes , restore my whole body .

    My mind is focused and happy coz of the complete organic vitamins and minerals.

    It taste so good
    Fat burners only 35 calories

    no smoke, good for the environment.

    Good for health and wealth ,
    Better for everyone ,
    Best for me !!!

    I can go go go work full time in showbiz , be a wife , mom , Be the best version of me to the highest level! Cheers to Embody green !

  105. Definitely not a typical Seltzer and CBD. Full flavor effective CBD that works, entourage effect

  106. Refreshing taste and definitely works 👍

  107. Felt great after drinking and now part of my daily routine

  108. First CBD drink that tastes and feels like a CBD drink should, complete recovery. ⚡️

  109. I have never tried any CBD beverages in the past and, as an athlete, I have always been very picky about what goes in my body. After hearing about this drink from a friend, I decided to try it and am really glad I did. Tastes like pineapple, citrus, floral- hard to describe perfectly. Refreshing and delicious! It is now going to be a regular part of my health and recovery routine.

  110. Back had been bothering me for weeks. Started drinking one a day and back no longer hurts. Incredible recovery remedy

  111. Best over ice with a squeeze of lemon. Really great CBD 👍

  112. I enjoyed a can of Citrus Harvest for the first time at a dinner party this evening! This sparkling CBD drink is both delicious and refreshing. As an older athlete, I look forward to the health and restorative benefits of this product after daily workouts, or even at a dinner party!

  113. Pain free after drinking. Refreshing and taste is unique that I now crave

  114. Road my bike all day and was given an embodygreen recovery drink. Tasted citrus with lemon flavor that was good. Had the best night sleep, woke up the next day and felt great, no soreness

  115. Whole plant CBD • CBDA you can taste the Terpenes and it’s really great. Will recommend to anyone looking for a real CBD drink

  116. So good and healthy ❤️

  117. End of the day I like to mix with Vodka and settle in for the night

  118. Fresh flavor with a kick only 35 calories ⚡️

  119. Never do I give 5-star reviews but this drink is super special and I Love everything about it ⭐️

  120. Gives me energy throughout the day and delicious flavor

  121. Best CBD beverage available. Full flavor and packed with goodness

  122. Love it over ice and is now my nighttime ritual

  123. Been on the Recovery plan for a week now and feeling best ever. Embodygreen not only tastes great it makes you feel great 🔥

  124. Not like the other CBD beverages. This one tastes different and makes me feel good.

  125. What I drink after a hard workout. Feel great the next day!

  126. Refreshing and effective Recovery drink. Powerful CBDA💪

  127. Fills me up and tastes good too. It is best over ice and you will get the best night sleep. CBD+CBDA ❤️

  128. No more next day soreness. CBD for recovery 👍

  129. After yoga is the best time for me. I have embodygreen over ice and it’s perfect to sip, unwind and get a good nights sleep

  130. I like to have it in the morning before starting my day. Works well for me, uplifting and focused

  131. I think that this Recovery drink will be a huge success. Only been drinking for a week now and can feel the benefits. The taste is fresh and desirable. Will recommend to all

  132. CBD+CBDA drink is refreshing and tastes great!

  133. For some reason, the drink tastes like chocolate mint to me! Maybe it’s the CBD aftertaste. It’s refreshing and relaxing.

  134. Terpenes are abundant with CBDA Recovery from embodygreen. You can feel the difference with this compared to other CBD drinks.

  135. Makes an amazing mixer, vodka and embodygreen tastes amazing, incredible buzz, 35 calories and no hangover

  136. CBD + CBDA from fresh plant in a Recovery Drink is amazing. The taste is good too 👍

  137. First time trying CBD and I like it. Easy to drink and taste is flavorful. Aftertaste is different but in a good way as I want to drink more

  138. I use Gummy’s regularly but that will stop now thanks to embodygreen Recovery drink. So much better and can feel the difference

  139. After enjoying this drink, my aches and pains were eliminated within 30 minutes. It’s like a miracle drink. Can’t get enough of it!

  140. It’s tasted different from anything I’ve ever had. Something I could drink everyday and can recommend to others, it’s that good 👍

  141. Great taste, helps me relax and sleeping the best, feel good next morning

  142. Checks all the boxes! Perfect before working out as it seems to energize me

  143. Really good ⚡️👍

  144. Gives me energy and wake up without back pain

  145. It’s refreshing and feels good going down, knowing that it is replenishing the vitamins and minerals that gets lost doing work, play and the stress of Covid.

  146. Wow I’m an active senior (70+) and
    enjoy the citrusy taste let alone the healthy benefits of embodygreen! I’m glad I’ve tried it.

  147. Not what I expected at all. Full flavor and great taste. Whole plant you can feel, so unique, incredible!

  148. Uplifting is the feeling I get and tastes good too ❤️

  149. Very flavorful and not too sweet. Really great after work beverage. Helps me unwind and relax

  150. Love the taste and packed with amazing ingredients to complete this one of a kind CBD drink

  151. Incredible flavor, best after workout over ice

  152. Still drinking and loving the effects

  153. After long bike ride had an embodygreen and felt revived ⚡️

  154. I’ve had a lot of CBD drinks and this one is probably my least favorite. The taste is what made me give it a 1 star. It left a sickeningly sweet sticky taste and sensation in my mouth and in the back of my throat. I rarely leave bad reviews but the Harvest flavor was not good.

  155. Helps me relax and wind down from a busy day.

  156. Amazing flavor and does the trick to help me recover after a long run

  157. Just finished yoga class and was given the embodygreen recovery drink to try. So refreshing, great taste and lightly carbonated. Amazing feeling ❤️

  158. It’s a hit, flavorful and effective

  159. Will continue to consume one a day. Great discovery, eliminates my pain and helps me get a good nights rest. Wake up feeling ready to go

  160. Makes my joints and muscles feel good and not sore. Best recovery drink ever 👍

  161. Smooth citrus flavor that easy to drink. Like to drink before and after Workout.

  162. Tastes fresh and natural. Lots of good ingredients and CBDA ❤️

  163. Good flavor and just what I need after exercise

  164. Tried the Recovery drink and liked the flavor. Never tried CBD before but I like the way I felt the next day. Will continue to use this

  165. Perfect after a long bike ride and muscle recovery allowed me to ride pain free the next day

  166. Not a huge fan of CBD drinks but this one is different. The flavor is lemon lime, but unique and easy to drink. The feeling of less pain after is incredible

  167. I was told that this embodygreen was a game changer and it was going to take over these ski towns. After drinking a can, I’m a believer. So good, now a customer

  168. Different then any other CBD beverage I’ve had and I like this one best. Embodygreen Recovery has raised the bar

  169. Delicious and fragrant with a little kick. This is a great recovery drink and really good over ice

  170. Not what I expected at all. Full flavor, tasty. Makes me feel good no more back pain.

  171. Incredible flavor that totally different from any other sports drink. Rehydrates like no other and the effects are real. Part of my routine now ⚡️

  172. Great after a long run, and flavor is good, not too sweet. Never sore again

  173. So refreshing, thirst quenching taste. CBD for recovery in raw form!

  174. Still drinking after a month now and the effects are real. Never felt better 👍

  175. Great product, will keep drinking

  176. Taste is good and love to drink at night. Helps me wind down and relax + great night sleep

  177. Recovery CBD + CBDA drink is the best part of my busy day. Keeps me feeling great 😊

  178. I have had my acupressure practice for 33 years. I have never come across a product made with such care to offer the purist, cleanest beverage to deliver cannabis into my body to help reduce inflammation! Tastes great and helps reduce inflammation in my wrists! Thank you!!

  179. So good and good for you. Best CBD drink on the market

  180. Solid recovery drink and best over ice. Can definitely feel it working and can recommend

  181. Taste is unique and not too sweet but fresh flavor. Gives me energy

  182. Best part of my day is when I grab an embodygreen, helps me to relax and settle into the night. Wake up feeling great

  183. CBD +CBDA and 50 MG makes a huge difference. Fresh plant and refreshing taste, can’t stop drinking

  184. The first sip is so refreshing and rehydrates me after working out. No soreness next day and I sleep great. Part of my day now

  185. Bought an embodygreen recovery drink and now know what all the hype is about. You can taste the fresh flower and feel it working. Highly recommend this

  186. Great taste, Feel amazing after drinking. Love it

  187. I just finished a work out and have a muscle issue in my back. This drink loosened up my back and I feel revitalized after a good workout. Feeling great!

  188. Refreshing and tasty. This is ideal post workout drink. Perfect for healing and reduces inflammation. My grandson loves it as it helps reduce his nosebleeds as a result of his blood disorder. This drink helps relax and improves sleep.

  189. Best recovery drink I’ve had. Very smooth, not over bearing. My focus is reignited and my body has recuperated substantially. Also, I can’t have alcohol so this is a great alternative to have going out.

  190. This was the perfect recovery drink after a grueling workout. This drink made me feel super relaxed and in a good mood. The flavor was light, refreshing, and I love that there’s tumeric! I definitely recommend would recommend this drink to my friends and family!

  191. I enjoyed this drink after a long hike. The mix of exercise and the CBD had me feeling great, and relaxed. The drinks taste good, and are refreshing.

  192. I drink it and it makes me mellow. I noticed my headache went away, totally recommend this drink.

  193. I love the calming effect I get from this drink — I pop a can when I get home from work and it helps me to relax a bit and be more present with my children and wife. Tastes great, no side effects or subtle negative impact on my health.. I love it.

  194. I have noticed, even during what would be stressful days, were not stressful but calm and mellow days. I have been taking this for a month or so and even missed a day with out any ill feelings. I believe it is because the body stores some goodness so my arthritis did not get too inflamed. What an amazing and tasty product.

  195. Great taste and so refreshing if you come back from a tour around SF!

  196. Finished yoga and was given this to try. I never leave reviews but this deserves all 5 stars, taste, smell, color and yes, feeling is incredible. Love it 😍

  197. I enjoy sipping over ice, helps me unwind and delivers an amazing night sleep

  198. Gives me energy and focus without the caffeine. Feel’s good to drink

  199. Drink is a winner, taste, relief I get and prepares me for tomorrow

  200. I am a very active 75 year old business owner with spinal stenosis which causes sciatica pain in both legs. The pain increased over the past year hindering my ability to walk the length of a block without sitting down.
    Approximately one month ago, I attended a dinner with friends who noticed my gait was hindered and I explained my painful condition. I was provided 3 cans of Revitalize by embodygreen to seek pain relief.
    ONE CAN, my first experience with this sparkling cbd drink ……….. RELIEF!!! I have been drinking a can a day and the relief maintains. I was skeptical BUT now I am a believer. Wonderful over ice on a hot day………

  201. Can smell the Terpenes and loaded with a lot of good stuff

  202. Best CBD drink on the market right now!! Wanting more

  203. Really enjoy drinking after Yoga. Perfect recovery treatment and tastes good, refreshing

  204. As a fifty year old who does very labor intensive work all day, I found this stuff to be just what I needed to boost me back up after a long day of climbing ladders. Taste good too.

  205. Helps me to relax and get a goodnight rest. Just the right amount of carbonation and low calorie

  206. Tasty with 50 MG CBD 🔥amazing recover drink, highly recommend

  207. Incredibly refreshing and helps with muscle soreness and fatigue. Sleeping well and waking up feeling good 👍

  208. Does the three Rs. Restore revitalize and reset. After working all day on a reconstruction job, get energy back with one can!!

  209. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but after trying this product twice a day for four days, I am now a believer. I had spinal fusion surgery a year ago, and while my back is doing better, I have had pains in my muscles and joints ever since. After using this product consistently, there is a significant decrease in the pain in my hands and feet. Additionally, I am in menopause, and it has helped significantly with my mood swings. I am sleeping better, and am waking clear headed and ready to face the day head on. Kudos to the inventors of this drink for helping me live a better life! I can’t wait to try more of your products!

  210. You can smell the freshness and relaxing feeling is a hit.

  211. Great Recovery formulation and taste is perfectly refreshing. Feels good to drink

  212. Very good tasting. Natural flavors. Nice hint of tumeric, not to overpowering. I drank one while beginning to feel sick and definitely woke up feeling better energy and never got fully sick. Thx D!

  213. Great flavor! The flavor is similar to a popular soft drink yet the CBD flavor rings through. I am a 50+ woman who runs nearly every day. I can feel the difference in my recovery when I drink this recovery drink after my run Yes it refreshes me, but more so my joints recover faster!

  214. Refreshing green CBD drink, totally feeling recharged after paddling session.

  215. Pretty good flavor! The benefits are incredible, so healthy and gives you an amazing high on life feeling

  216. I workout everyday and need a drink like this that helps my body recover and helps me to relax and feel good

  217. Can smell the fresh Terpenes and flavor is good. The feeling is better

  218. Ran 11k yesterday and recovered with embodygreen. My joints and leg muscles feel great. The drink is for real

  219. This drink was given to me because I was having some uncomfortable sleepless nights because of an injury. I was told to drink before I go to sleep. With doubt in my mind, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted. And it really did help with my sleep. I still woke up but I wasn’t up all night. I’m into it. Gonna get me some more when I need a good relaxing night. I completely recommend this.

  220. Been drinking after Yoga for a week now and have noticed a huge difference in quality of sleep. I wake up refreshed and feeling great. I really love this drink and is now part of my daily routine

  221. Best CBD drink!!!! Great taste and tremendous recovery formulation. I can feel the difference with the CBD, CBDA combination

  222. Unique flavor and good. Helps me to relax and sets my mood just right. Woke up the next day after a great night of sleep and without pain. Amazing!!

  223. Tasty fresh Recovery drink. Can feel it working right away. Relaxed feeling

  224. Really great tasting CBD drink. Love the way they make this, no chemicals, from fresh plant not dried, 50 MG and whole flower, lots of terpenes

  225. After not lifting weights for about 7 or 8 years I decided I would . I started out with stretches and then lighter weights and lots of reps and made it to heavy weights with fewer reps. I’d been drinking this drink for a few weeks already and felt energized already but thought I had over done it some since I got a good pump and the veins were sticking up. I had my one drink for the day after my work out and hoped for the best. I knew I would be sore the next day but to my surprise, I barely felt any soreness. I felt good as though I would have felt, if I were lifting weights regular. In fact better than I could remember after working out this hard. What an amazing, tasty drink!

  226. After not lifting weights for about 7 or 8 years I decided I would . I started out with stretches and then lighter weights and lots of reps and made it to heavy weights with fewer reps. I’d been drinking this drink for a few weeks already and felt energized already but thought I had over done it some since I got a good pump and the veins were sticking up. I had my one drink for the day after my work out and hoped for the best. I knew I would be sore the next day but to my surprise, I barely felt any soreness. I felt good as though I would have felt, if I were lifting weights regular. In fact better than I could remember after working out this hard. What an amazing, tasty drink!

  227. It’s a citrus flavored drink with the smell of cannabis. It’s flavor is ok but I didn’t love it. It’s not something I would crave. I tried it over ice and refrigerated and thought it tastes a lot better just refrigerated. I didn’t feel a noticeable effect of the CBD.

  228. As a up and coming pro golfer, I am constantly on the go and require energy and mental alertness. Another pro told me about this product. Pop open a can of Embody, and I’m good to go. I’d even recommend this product to my non athletic friends!

  229. I never write reviews but this drink is so perfect that I feel it’s important to get the word out. Finally a CBD company understands the importance of whole plant, balance and chemical free. Taste is how others describe, amazing, fresh, unique. The feeling is attributed to all the Terpenes preserved from fresh cannabis and delivered in a thoughtfully formulated drink for RECOVERY.

  230. You can smell the Terpenes and taste the freshness. So incredibly good

  231. Citrus flavor with a hint of cannabis is what makes this a memorable beverage. I feel incredibly focused after consuming, followed with a relaxed feeling, chill. Best recovery drink on the market

  232. As a professional skier and a sports fanatic in summer every now and then I need to rejuvenate and reset. This drink helps me do that! Summer is filled with Mountain Biking .,Surfing, windsurfing, wakesurfing,and paddle boarding. So when I’m on the move like this I need to restore!!

  233. You can smell the Terpenes as soon as you open the can. What an amazing taste and experience. Highly recommend this…

  234. The best CBD beverage out period!! It really matters how the oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. The fact that this Group figured out how to extract the oil, fresh, before drying it out is incredible. No chemicals and good for the environment a definite plus.

  235. Had a chance to try embodygreen after Yoga Class and it’s exactly what my body and mind needed. So much fun to drink and the feeling I get is incredible 🧘‍♀️

  236. Terrific taste, unique flavor. My drink after long workout and helps me sleep at night. Stress Less

  237. This is a really good drink. Never had a CBD + CBDA beverage that tasted this good. The effects are immediate and works to repair my body as advertised, no pain!!!

  238. Been drinking a can after Yoga, so good. I Love this feeling

  239. Great new product in the market!!! I became a big fan from the first sip!!

  240. Felt relaxed and calm, unique taste that is awesome.

  241. Best CBD functional drink on the market!! Recommend

  242. So refreshing, great for hydration and tastes good. Lots of CBD 👍

  243. I was just recovering from a hospital stay and a friend of mine gave me a can of embody green and I can tell you I felt better! I was able to move around and stay alert for the rest of the day.

  244. My wife and I split a can of Embodygreen CBD drink and felt relaxed after maybe half an hour. We mixed it with pomegranate juice (tasty) and slept great that night.

  245. Had the best night sleep and felt great the next day. Fantastic flavor and best over ice

  246. Love embodygreen!! mixing with vodka is amazing and you wake up feeling great.

  247. Tried after yoga and helped me to relax and wind down. Felt amazing the next day after the best night sleep in a long time

  248. Tasted the Terpenes and was a refreshing, unique taste. Thirst quenching beverage that makes you feel great

  249. Felt pain free the next day after drinking. Really set me up for a great day! Tastes good too🌟

  250. Great flavor, unique feeling almost immediately after drinking. Felt good the next day so will keep this in my routine

  251. I love Embodygreen CBD recovery drink. I started using it right after I had Covid. It helped clean up my systems afterwards. But the biggest benefit I noticed was related to my sleep. On the evenings when I would drink it I felt so much more relaxed and had noticeably better sleep. Since I started using this drink my body and mind are recovering much faster from everyday challenges.
    I also like that is a sparkling drink.

  252. Refreshing & taste great after a round of golf. Relaxing & help relieve leg pain after 4+ hours of walking. My new drink alone or with vodka ice cold. Excellent product will order more.

  253. Great flavor. I slept well after drinking it.

  254. Love it!! The flavor is different but refreshing. Even better with ice. It really helps alleviate the pains that come after a long day at work. My overall mood after one can is chill and relaxed. New favorite.

  255. Great taste great product!

  256. Terpenes, CBD, CBDA, packed with goodness, great drink

  257. Unique taste and a good amount of CBD and CBDA. My mood changed almost immediately after consuming. Incredible

  258. Feel relaxed after! Prefer it over ice

  259. My new summertime drink. Feel good and tastes good, easy to down.

  260. Great functionality and incredible taste.

  261. Nice Job with the CBD, CBDA combo. Terpenes are abundant and love the unique flavor, recommend

  262. Had a chance to try the embodygreen Recovery CBD-CBDD and it’s really good. After drinking I felt amazing and slept through the night and woke up energetic ready to start the day

  263. Good for relaxing and stress relief and focus.

  264. Great CBD drink! Felt super relaxed and chill.

  265. After many hours of walking around the tradeshow floor my legs were feeling soar. I was given a can of the restore and with in 10 minutes the aches in my legs were gone.

  266. Tried my first can yesterday and did feel relaxed and some minimizing of joint pain afterward. Placing an order to see the longer-term effects of using dailyl.

  267. Great drink over ice or as a mixer!
    Love the sweetness without all the sugar! Left feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  268. I tried this CBD drink, and after my 2 back to back Zumba classes I seemed to get a subtle refreshed/energized feeling right after drinking (electrolyte effect?). The joint pain relief came more slowly…similar to taking an Aleve, and lasting about the same. I’ve also tried another CBD sparkling water drink (not to be compared with the “Superior Plant Recovery” drink). It didn’t have any electrolytes. Tried one out of curiosity. Just tasted like a La Croix drink. Tasty, but no noticeable CBD effect. Only had 15 mg, so perhaps not enough. Basically, an overpriced sparkling water.

  269. It’s a mixer! Vodka and embodygreen is guaranteed to leave you feeling great the next day. Love the drink, it’s my go to

  270. I feel relaxed and pain has left my body. I lead an active life and can’t wait to have this at the end of a long day, over ice

  271. Lower back hurts and aches in the morning. Been drinking the Recovery beverage for four days now and back pain is gone. Will continue with this every day now as the effects are real. Amazing product

  272. Like it in the early afternoon. Best over ice in a glass with a lime. I have never felt better, part of my daily routine

  273. This is a good one! Best CBD drink I’ve had. Love the flavor and effects that it has over me 🏋️‍♀️

  274. Tried this for the first time the day after 3 1/2 hours of back breaking yard work. Woke up barely able to walk with a sore back, arms and legs. But after this drink, I felt energized. I was able to move around quite easily and able to do my usual cardio workout with no problems. Pleasant taste also. I think this will be my new recovery drink!

  275. This review is for my mom-in-Law. She’s 80 years old and have suffered from severe lower back pain. She have had 5 different surgeries, currently taking many pain meds and still, nothing works. I thought I’ll give this a try. I was so surprised just after 3 days my mom texted me and said that her pain has been subsided a bit. She wants me to stock up. She didn’t care for the taste but it worked, Lol

    I’m so thrilled. In the past years, her body has deteriorated from taking too many medications. The meds makes her drowsy so she would sleep all day. I’ve tried many forms of treatments & physical therapy but nothing seemed to work. I’m glad this CBD drink is making a difference.

  276. Since I started drinking this I have noticed, I feel better over all. No longer do I stress out on anything but seem to handle what ever is thrown my way easily and clearly. I have a much more sound sleep without waking up draggy/groggy. I can work out without the fear of being too sore the next day. Overall, I feel more a live and in better health. I am also a senior and this appears to be the closet thing to the fountain of youth yet! I am waiting for them to offer a subscription annual or bi-annual !!! Either way, I just want to say THANK YOU ! This is truly a Great product!

  277. I have tried at-least 30 different CBD products and this is far better than all of them. I have been taking this drink once a day for just over 3 weeks and I am feeling better and sleeping better. This drink has allowed me to stop taking my pain meds for the most part. I had been plagued with arthritis and was hit by a car on my bike and this has lessened the pain better than the pills and allows me to move around, stretch, and exercise. It also has allowed me to sleep much better. It appears to be more effective each day I have a drink. I like the taste and sometimes will water it down some to make it last longer and lesson the bubbles. My wife likes it as well and drinks one after a double zoom and/or boxing class. She too is amazed on not feeling sore the next day after good/heavy training.

  278. I’ve been drinking this for 2 weeks now. I feel less tired throughout the day and help me sleep better at night as well.

  279. Don’t care for the flavor but love the way it makes me feel

  280. Like the taste of the plant working with a citrus fresh flavor. Unique and functional. Big Fan and customer

  281. Love it ⭐️⚡️🔥

  282. A little sweet but tasty. After the first few swigs you can feel the effect of the CBD/CBDA. Not sure if it’s the fresh plants that make this drink so good but it’s worth the price. You have to experience for yourself and I recommend that you do

  283. Solid drink, good taste! Great feeling almost immediately after consuming.

  284. Love the taste, great tingling filling

  285. Love it, my summertime Bev! Customer now…

  286. The flavor is great and just the right amount of carbonation. Great drink for after Yoga Class, helps me to relax and getting the best sleep ever

  287. Been drinking this for three days straight now! Can feel a noticeable difference in my body. No joint pain and sleeping incredibly well. Recommend

  288. Nice job!! Best CBD beverage on the market⚡️

  289. This cbd infused drink is excellent. Fills with many benefits and taste great cold or room temperatures.

  290. Great drink. I drink it on the mountain when I go up to snowboard. It tastes delicious, it gives me a clear and sustainable energy, and let’s me feel good.

  291. You can smell the cannabis but the taste is different, not expected and really enjoy it. Relaxed feeling after consuming. I would recommend as a must try recovery beverage

  292. Effects of this drink are tremendous. The taste is good and described perfectly, Citrus Harvest. A lot of CBD in this drink, worth it

  293. So refreshing after yoga and the CBD is perfect for alleviating the pain in my joints. I’ve never tasted anything like this and think it’s a hit

  294. Awesome 🤩

  295. After drinking this sparkling CBD drink over the past several weeks, I strongly recommend it to others. Having had sleep issues for many years I have found that this CBD drink consistently helps me relax and sleep better. With that, I am waking up with fewer aches and pains. At first, I wasn’t overly excited about the flavor, but have acquired a taste for it now. I like it! However, I do prefer sipping out of a glass instead of the can. This drink is definitely worth trying!

  296. My first CBD drink, taste is decent and I’m feeling more relaxed 😎

  297. 50 MG CBD-CBDA is the right dose! Works as advertised, Recover, Reset, Revitalize

  298. Helps me to relax at the end of day. The feeling is real and the CBD, CBDA combination works. Refreshing

  299. Just had my first embodygreen CBD Recovery. Woke up my body and mind. Feel more alert and taste is good. Great drink

  300. This drink is special. Great flavor and packed with CBD. Feels amazing

  301. First time trying CBD in a drink format. Gotta say, it’s smooth and easy to sip with a nice aftertaste. Perfect recovery drink from workouts that inflame my back. So glad I found embodygreen since it’s all natural.

  302. This is part of my daily ritual now. Helps me to recover after a full day. Easy to drink with so many benefits

  303. Descent flavor, effects of the drink are on point. 50 MG CBDA + CBD with the heightened level of Terpenes puts this Recovery Drink at the top.

  304. Love the flavor but better feeling after. Helps me wind down

  305. Interesting taste, little sweet

  306. Never tried CBD but I’m glad that I did. Been drinking for a few days now and can feel a difference with my workouts and overall health. I would recommend for anyone looking to try CBD

  307. 50 MG CBD makes a huge difference! What a feeling I get after drinking, love it

  308. Best CBD drink on the market today👍

  309. Quince my thirst after workout with the benefits of CBD,CBDA. I like how this is made without harmful chemicals. Really can feel it working and taste is good!!

  310. The taste was different the first few sips, then it became quite enjoyable. Also felt rejuvenated the following morning.

  311. First taste was a little sweet, the overall flavor good. I would purchase the product.

  312. Nice carbonated, tasty beverage! Made me feel relaxed which I enjoyed. Best chilled or over ice! Not in love with the color (looks like Mountain Dew) but I’ll get over it. Great product!

  313. Interesting flavor. Really helped with my aches and pains. I will definitely be buying more and recommending to my like minde friends.

  314. 100% helps with my aches and pains. Will keep drinking everyday now!!

  315. I like to sip this during the day at work. Helps me focus and be more productive. The taste is good and light on carbonation which I like.

  316. Nice taste, prefer less sugar

  317. Tastes great

  318. The moment I opened the can I could smell the terpenes and the citrus flavor did not disappoint. A good amount of CBD, CBDA in the drink and felt every bit of it. Excited for what’s next with this

  319. The Recovery drink is tasty and has a lot of good ingredients. Helps me relax and feel good. I recommend this

  320. I was having a headache and stiff neck. I decided to try one and after a few hours of having one my headache went away and my neck wasn’t as stiff anymore. Every time I get a headache I drink one and it seems to be working every time.

  321. Great drink, thanks

  322. Like the way Embodygreen makes me feel. It is filling but the taste is good. Helps me wind down the day

  323. I’m 85 years old woman. I had Body pain all over my body also coundn’t sleep at night. I con not take pain killer because of my high blood pressure and kidney. Since I been drinking emdodygreen my pain is almost gone and can sleep. thank you for making this tasty drink for me. God may bless you all!

  324. I’ve been drinking it for the several days now, enjoying the fresh, sparkely taste and completely not thinking about the health benefits you get with each glass. But my sleep patern got better, I wake up refreshed I am more relaxed during the day. My only issue I have is that who ever tasted it loved it and I have to order more. Thank you for making such a delicious drink that is actualy good for your health.

  325. Really good in a glass over ice. Makes me feel amazing and helps me sleep soundly throughout the night. Recommend

  326. This really works! Been drinking for a week now and can really feel the difference with my mood and overall wellbeing. Part of my day now, habit

  327. Have trouble sleeping and toss, turn throughout the night. Been drinking this at night for the last five nights and have never slept better. Incredible only wish it didn’t fill me up so much but works great at night for me, thank you

  328. Tastes different but pleasant. The feeling is immediate and effective. Helps with stress , as well as aches and pains

  329. Huge bike ride over the weekend. Had Embodygreen Recovery after the ride and another later that night. Woke up this morning feeling like I could do it all over again. No soreness and body feels good. Best Recovery drink on the market

  330. Just finished yoga and was handed this drink. Wow, so delicious and gave me a pleasant buzz. Can’t wait for another

  331. Best CBD drink on the market! Love the way it makes me feel

  332. Just the right amount of carbonation make it easy to drink. Taste is refreshing but the feeling is incredible

  333. I’m an 87 year old male and like Coke. I didn’t like the sweet and sour taste for this, but my son liked it.

  334. I tried the drink, but noticed it has 6g of added sugar. I have prediabetes and will try it again if there is a sugar free version.

  335. Excellent drink, smooth and great for cocktails. It relaxes your body and you wake up a newborn. First time trying a cbd drink and will keep on drinking for sure

  336. Never tried CBDA before. Calm feeling after drinking, took about 15 minutes to settle in. Real clean fresh taste. Will be a customer and recommend

  337. So good after yoga, helps me to relax. No soreness the next day.

  338. Didn’t feel anything special when drinking. Just a little plain for me. I usually like sparkling water but I couldn’t get into the taste

  339. Much lighter and flavorful than expected. You can’t really tell there’s any cannabis except for a slight aftertaste. Packaging looks good, like a premium product. Sparkly and cold on a hot day kind of feeling

  340. Solid drink! Packs a punch and great for muscle recovery and joint pain. Taste is good and unique as I’ve never tasted anything like it. Big Fan, Thanks

  341. I enjoyed the ginger and lemon flavor on the first few sips of Revitalize. There was a menthol type of buzz and I felt light headed but I was full functional and thinking clearly. I enjoyed sipping lightly and felt very relaxed for the next few hours, I was in good company.

  342. Got to try this after workout and it was something different for sure. Great feeling after drinking and the taste has a unique bite to it. I crave the flavor now

  343. Fresh taste and unique flavor. Relaxed feeling after consuming and it’s good

  344. Great all around drink

  345. Taste is good but the feeling is better!! A lot of good ingredients and makes an excellent post workout drink

  346. Have not been able to make a strong fist or a firm grip with my hands in years. Been drinking a can a day for 8 days now and my hands feel strong. I can make a fist and pain has diminished. I recommend

  347. My first time tried trying a cannabis product. Surprisingly, I liked it. It was very refreshing, and tasty. It seemed to help me with my lingering post nasal drip caused by my chronic sinus & acid reflux. My post nasal drip felt thinner after I drank it couple times. Will continue to drink it and see if this drink really helps. Overall, highly recommend.

  348. I tested the product and I liked it. The stevia in the product is very concentrated so it gets super sweet and it tastes better with ice for sure. It could be to mask the cannabis taste but that’s a question for the product development team.

  349. Enjoying the sipping the sparkling going down it was refreshingly moments later sense of relaxation.
    I had a cold can but for me over ice would been idea.

  350. Tastes great and I get this tingle feeling throughout my body. Love the CBD and CBDA, I can feel it working

  351. Drink works well for me. Delivers on promise as it tastes good, makes me feel good and supports muscle recovery and joint pain. I recommend to anyone who has issues with muscle discomfort or joint paint.

  352. Great tasting and refreshing drink. Day or night makes your body feels good packed with vitamins.

  353. Just had my first can of Embodygreen and love the taste! I’ve never used a cannabis product before, but I found that it hit the spot after my hour long bike ride. I love all the natural ingredients that go into it, especially the spirulina and turmeric. I hear they are working on creating different types of health beverages and will be looking out for more products with the octopus logo.

  354. I’ve been drinking embodygreen on ice every day for the past couple weeks. After decades of offroad motorcycle racing I have lots of aches and pains, and embodygreen provides quick relief. It relaxes me at the end of the day, and I wake up refreshed in the morning. I love the taste and that you can smell and taste the freshness of the plant in the drink!

  355. Embodygreen Recovery is a game changer and sets the bar high for CBD drinks. The CBDA is the real difference and Terpenes are abundant. So good

  356. Nice job, taste is perfect for this type of functional drink. The feeling is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I really like what you have made

  357. Super beverage, everything I like is in this drink. Highly recommend, congratulations, it’s a hit🔥

  358. After yoga this works for me. Helped me relax and wind down further. Taste is good but feeling is great

  359. Had a chance to try this after yoga class. Felt something wonderful and quenched my thirst. Great taste, great drink

  360. Tried the Recovery drink after Yoga and it’s for real!! Felt the vitamins and nutrients rushing through my body that gave me a heightened feeling. All I can say is I can’t wait to have another one

  361. Tried this for the first time last week. Drank it after dinner/before bed. Woke up the next morning with my usual routine forgetting I had this. I’m normally stiff as a board getting ready for the day in the morning and would have to prop my feet up to put socks on. I got lazy that morning and just leaned up against the wall to my socks on and realized I lifted my leg up with ease! Usually I’m groaning away just putting on some socks. So this definitely made me a huge believer in the product!

  362. Enjoy drinking Embodygreen before bed. Helps me relax and have a restful sleep with no after effects in the morning.

  363. After my workout had an opportunity to try the embodygreen recovery drink. Packs a lot of vitamins and minerals into a can and felt incredible afterwards. The CBD and CBDA really work well with all the other ingredients. Tasted good too! Love it

  364. Love this drink especially mid-day as it gives me an extra lift and focus to finish out the day. Taste is original that I now crave.

  365. Nice refreshing beverage. Taste and feeling are real and authentic. Great job

  366. Skeptic and never had a positive experience with CBD. Tried this because it was a beverage and the message was CBDA from fresh plants. No longer a skeptic, drink is a hit. Feeling is immediate and good, flavor is fresh, original and unique. Big Fan and customer

  367. Great for after workouts. Slept good and woke up refreshed and without pain. Like the feeling it gives me

  368. The drink has a slightly sweet citrus taste, very refreshing and is best served cold. Didn’t get a buzz as some others have mention, felt a bit more alert after along day and having the cbd cocktail!

  369. Well, I have tried this several times at different times of the day and it really does not matter when you take it. The benefits are there and I am noticing the best time for me is early because it allows me to mellow out, be more alert, handle stress better and much calmer. So in short, this drink is unlike any other in the market at this time. It seems to improve your health, your attitude, your work-out and your life. When I take it early in the day I feel more alive and alert with more energy and desire to tackle the day…, what a blessing this drink is !

  370. I’ve been drinking embodygreen for five days straight. Had know idea that it would be this good. I work out hard and have a stressful job. This has become part of my day now and look forward to tomorrow

  371. Just tried this drink and the taste is terrific. Love the effects and feel great. Never had a Product this good

  372. Just tried this new Recovery Drink and I love it. Taste and feeling are good. Can’t wait for the next one

  373. First time I tried a CBDA drink. Makes a huge difference as the feeling is incredible. Pain has left my body and sleeping better than ever

  374. Good solid drink. Taste good and gives me a feeling of relief.

  375. Best CBD drink on the market. I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best. Flavor is unique and fresh. Great feeling afterwards. Tremendous Recovery Beverage.

  376. The taste is bitter sweet but not as sweet like most energy drink. It has a distinct flavor. I feel great and refresh afterward.

  377. My friend gave this drink and didnt know what to expect. It tastes pretty good, especially with ice

  378. After drinking a can of embody green with a meal, I felt relaxed & energized with in an hour and a half. I suffer from -arthritis in both knees . The flavor of this sparkling drink was pleasant.

  379. After a long run this drink was just what I needed. If anyone is in doubt has to the benefits of CBD in its raw, fresh CBDA form, you need to try this. It’s a whole different thing as my body feels repaired and energized to go again and run harder and further.

  380. Best over ice and really enjoy this drink. Great mixer with Vodka and helps with hangover when I party hard:) love it

  381. Can taste the Terpenes and freshness of the whole CBD plant. So good and the feeling and results are real. Recommend

  382. Can’t get enough of this drink. CBD helps with my joint pain but this drink makes me feel good and tastes good too. Great ingredients but can definitely feel the difference with the fresh CBD, CBDA

  383. Happy to have found an amazing CBDA product. I drink it in the morning to start my day!👍 taste is so refreshing

  384. This drink is changing my life. Feeling better, able to do more. Thank you, definitely recommend to everyone

  385. Excellent taste with a slight hint of CBD. Woke up with feeing under the weather – gin flu. Embodygreen got rid of the jitters and helped me get through the east of the day

  386. So satisfying after a workout. Tastes like nothing else in a great way. What a feeling!

  387. Smell, taste and feel, this drink is perfect.

  388. CBDA, so good and feel great. Love the taste, goes down smooth

  389. Nice Job, first CBD drink to get it right. Hope people understand the significance of the CBDA. I feel it

  390. Wow, just finished a can. Flavor is awesome and feeling I’m getting is incredible. My senses are heightened now and everything is clear. What a drink, recommend

  391. Smell and taste is incredible and felt a tingle through my body. I get focused and energized

  392. Super Drink! I love the taste and the way it makes me feel. Terrific end of the day drink

  393. As an outdoor professional I spend a lot of time punishing my body. I’ve tried a lot of different drinks out there and this is one of the best. It tastes great, makes me feel good, and doesn’t make me feel high. I highly recommend after your outdoor pursuits. It might even replace the beers back at the trailhead!

  394. Tastes great and is refreshing on a hot day. Has a lemon tang to it!

  395. Very refreshing. Good flavor and make me feel energetic!

  396. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was pleasantly surprised as it proved to be rather drinkable. If it’s designed to be post workout recovery drink, I would prefer it be less sweet, and a little lighter. If it’s positioned as a health and wellness drink, I think it hits closer to the mark.

  397. Besides the great taste, I did not notice the effect(s) from this at first. It did not dawn on me until the next morning when I got up as though I was 20+ years younger with out all the pains. But, I still wasn’t sold on it. I had to try it again. I stopped my pain meds and tried it again. I’m hooked now! Having been in multiple accidents/injuries, wearing cartilage down, aging with arthritis and just continuing beating myself up with exercise and life, I now found my Elixir…, Thank You !!! I may need to take my pain meds some times, but at least it is not everyday anymore.

  398. My snowboard health advisory Jj Thomas turned me on to this product and it is amazing for recovery for all the sports we do. Thanks again and taste amazing too!

  399. Amazing, makes me feel great after workouts

  400. Drink is a hit. Taste great, feel great. Perfect to wind down my day and sleeping better now

  401. Skeptical about CBD because I have tried other brands and never felt like I was benefiting until now!! This is a tremendous drink as I felt relief from soreness and did get a recover feeling. Overall, this is the one to choose

  402. Tried this for the first time. Flavor is original and feeling after drinking is immediate. Incredible product and now a customer

  403. This drink has changed the way I recover after a long day. Helps me unwind and relax . Sleeping really good now

  404. Fantastic drink it’s about time your my hero Lance 👌👏Nice work !!! Makes me feel light like my normal self should feel .. alert , relaxed , focused , tingling in my body while the terpenes are being released In Through my body.. I feel free .. no words can explain.. I recommend 💯 % REAL stuff right here . Nice work team .

  405. Just finished the tour of Sumberlin bike ride. This drink made the recovery so much better than anything I’ve used before. Aches and pain are reduced, slept like a baby. Ready for another half century ride. It’s that good.

  406. Taste, smell and feel the difference with this drink. Great for after working out

  407. I felt good all over after drinking and was not sore the next day after workout. Slept so good, this beverage is for real. I recommend

  408. Wow, finally someone gets it. 50 MG CBD, CBDA and all Terpene, minerals and vitamins. Taste is familiar and on point. Great job

  409. Great drink, taste and feeling. Perfect for after workout

  410. Just had the Recovery drink and amazing is an understatement. From beginning to end so enjoyable, customer now!

  411. Goes down smooth and not a bad aftertaste. I felt refreshed.

  412. Wonderful drink

  413. I love this method of getting the same feeling as if I were to smoke cbd especially since I rent a smoke free place.

  414. Gave me a nice “buzz” feeling but felt real comfortable and ready to seize the day.

  415. I like drinking this after a long day at work. Helps me get to bed at a decent time

  416. I love that i get my daily dose of vitamins along with some extras every time I drink this! Tastes so natural and sweet and tangy

  417. My favorite way to recover from a night out, long workout, or even a long car ride. A great go-to healing drink.

  418. Best served colddddd. Shake it up slowly to mix everything if it’s been sitting for a while!! Just sharing what’s worked best for me and shown best results.

  419. If you’re looking for a nice recovery drink with a decent amount of cbd, this is your thing. I hate having to take several gummies at once to feel anything. With embodygreen, one can does the job and works faster than any other edible product.

  420. It’s like the CBD version of those LiquidIV drinks!! All the effects of helping cure a hangover and dehydration while relaxing your body and relieving physical pain.

  421. tl;dr — I really enjoy the taste and CBD efficacy seems to be on point (anecdotal)

    Aroma/smell and taste are both citrus-y (reminiscent of a sports drink) and freshly ‘green’. By green, I do mean there’s a light to moderate taste of very fresh cannabis, but without the ‘dank’. I find it nice that the citrus flavor sticks around for a bit while the ‘green’ flavor disappears into the background. Overall, I really like the taste of this drink! Disclosure: I also enjoy the taste and aroma of hemp and cannabis.

    It can be difficult to feel the effects of CBD as everyone’s endocannabinoid system is a bit different. I find the 50mg dosage to be a good call as the typical 10mg serving in other products doesn’t seem to be enough for myself or people I’ve spoken to, especially without the presence of ‘that one intoxicating phytocannabinoid’. All that being said, I replaced my usual afternoon inhalation dosage of CBD with a can and… I experienced a bit more mental clarity and focus than with my vape. My post jiu-jitsu soreness is feeling MUCH better than with a CBD dab. Definitely keeping these around for those hard training days.

  422. Such a feel good drink. Does well with alcohol IMO

  423. Is good drink

  424. Flavor was good. Looks and tastes super earthy and I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that yet. But I did feel less stressed today after drinking it.

  425. Was asked to try one of these from a friend and I’m glad I did I feel pretty good would like to try again and see how a weeks worth feels

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  536. I’m a professional MonsterJam truck driver and this drink helps me so much Especially after my long race days when you are all bit up ,
    I drink one of them and is like magic I feel brand new again I definitely recommend this drink The recovery is quick and noticeable!!
    Looking forward to new flavors though less earthy tasting

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    The other night I couldn’t sleep-tossing and turning-felt terrible in the morning. Had a bottle of Embodygreen which energize me an hour later
    What a drink for an 85 year man trying to get in shape