A Fresh Approach to CBD

For years, the industry has tried to fix the most problematic part of CBD production – The drying and curing of plants. We solved the problem by eliminating that step altogether.

How We Do It

Our Key Ingredient:
CBD + CBDA Made From Fresh Plants


We’ve created the only CBD made from fresh, never dried, plants. Drying plants loses up to 70% of terpenes along with other important compounds, and dried plants are often stored for months before processing. Our CBD + CBDA retains the plant’s most valuable nutrients in the ratio that nature intended. You’ll smell, taste and feel the difference.


Our CBD is made with our patented water-based purification method without any chemical solvents. It’s better for you and better for the environment.


We retain CBDA, CBG, THCA, and other cannabinoids** along with the highest levels of terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and other restorative nutrients. It’s CBD the way nature intended.

Patented CBD + CBDA Purification Method

Harvest Flowers at the Peak of Freshness
  • Quality medical grade hemp biomass
  • Organic hemp grown in the USA on the King Farm
Farm Fresh, Never Dried
  • Purified within one hour of harvest
  • Retains the highest levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and other 
bioactive compounds
  • Minimizes degradation over drying storing methods
Patented Water-Based Purification Method
  • No chemical solvents or 
toxic substances
  • No temperature degradation of CBDA, CBGA, THCA, terpenes, 
or flavonoids
  • Sustainable with no harmful emissions or byproducts
Premium, Whole Plant CBD + CBDA
  • First true full-spectrum product
  • Highest amount of naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids
  • Plant compounds are in balance as nature intended and mirror the plant profile

Premium, US-Grown Plants

Our CBD-dominant plants are organically grown and hand-picked at King Farm, New Mexico, where plants thrive at 6,200 ft.

Our Mission

embodygreen is committed to improving the mental and physical well-being of people by producing the most effective CBD on the market and blending it with functional ingredients to create premium wellness products.

We provide customers with a complete, naturally balanced array of cannabinoids and other beneficial phytonutrients; from plants harvested and purified at the peak of freshness. We do so with deliberate focus on the fundamentals of safety, quality and consistency to create CBD-infused products valued by both partners and consumers.

We pledge to be respectful to earth and its resources entrusted to us. We develop innovative technology and environmentally-friendly solutions that allow us to avoid using chemically-based processes. We partner with progressive agriculturalists focused on the stewardship of their land, because environmental sustainability is critical to both plants and people.

Our Team

Our passionate group of farmers, silicon valley technologists, world-renowned food scientists, legislators, medical doctors, and professional athletes bring years of experience and a fresh approach to your wellbeing.

embodygreen uses whole fresh plants and chemical-free methods to capture the best benefits of the cannabis plant without the high. I love it myself and recommend it to patients.

Dr. Richard Brown
Orthopedic Surgeon

Ensuring health and wellness has always been my passion. Ingredients and manufacturing approaches used by embodygreen support that safety and efficacy.

Dr. Harsha Thippareddi
Food Safety Expert

embodygreen was thoughtfully formulated with key nutraceutical ingredients that have a synergistic benefit in combination with a whole fresh plant completeness you can’t get from products made with CBD isolates.

Dr. Ron Pegg
Food Scientist

In the legislative landscape for this emerging category, compliance matters. Conducting affairs appropriately earns trust. Trust matters.

Bob Hibbert
Senior Counsel

Our team has developed once in a generation, transformational technology where fresh, clean, and complete have been achieved. It’s more than a job, it’s a passion.

Dr. Bob Johnson
President, embodygreen

You’ve gotten to know us, now experience the difference for yourself!
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